Jose Jesus Cisneros 

Jose Jesus Cisneros Jr. was born in East Los Angeles California from a couple that migrated individually in the mid 1970's from Mexico. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, Jose's mother and father came for a better life. 
Later they would meet here in California and form a family. In 1980 Jose was born.
As a young boy Jose was curious. Always with something in his hand, he would draw, mold, and create from any objects he would find. As a teen he found himself getting into trouble constantly, until he decided he would dedicate himself to art. With the influence of graffitti and some other artists he began to create.

One day after learning that his mother had a cancerous tumor, the family decided to go to Jalisco Mexico for a Manda (a sacrifice made in return for a miracle). The Cisneros family walked 15-20 miles without rest or food to a church in Tepatitlan Mexico. They soon returned home. 
After some xrays and tests they were given the news that there was no sign of any cancer whatsoever. It was the power of their faith and their love that had healed her. That experience inspired him to create one of his biggest paintings "Manda", which he would exhibit in his debut art show. It also taught Jose about the power of the human spirit.

In 2000 Cisneros had his debut exhibition at the Mary Paxon Gallery in Norwalk California, where he was raised most of his teenage years. After that he would spend time developing his style, traveling, and focusing on the family business. 
After a few years of taking a break from exhibiting he decided to show again. He would have exhibitions around southern California.
Always willing to take on new mediums, he decided he would try filmmaking. With his brother Alberto, he would go on to produce "Dolorosas", a short film. Jose would go on to write, act, direct, and produce this film.
The film was in several festivals and went on to win best short in the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.
Jose then went back to his first love of the fine arts and went on to have a solo exhibition in Puerto Vallarta Mexico at Galeria Vallarta.
A few shows later he decided to create a children's book. The book is in the final stages.
In the meanwhile Jose Jesus Cisneros will keep creating with the same tools his parents used when they migrated here....  faith, passion, humility, hard work, and love.